Gary has been a childrens’ entertainer (now retired) since 1977 and in 1994 was approached by the BAYS (British Association Youth Section - part of the British Association for the Advancement of Science). It was recommended that he used his communicating skills to apply his workshops towards a science base for Primary Aged Children. Teaching is about communicating a idea and since this time Gary has done exactly that. He has been a professional science cumunicator and a known science presenter and has had engagements from the following

Asked to attend a special meeting at Sheffield Hallum University he described the circus workshop he was already use to performing and from that meeting the BA set up The Science of the Circus Workshop for Gary. This covered main points of the Primary Science curriculum. He was then ask to launch in London each year to 2001 at Imperial College, behind the Science Museum the National Launch of Science weeks in England.

This lead to the other main topics in the primary science curriculum - sound, light, materials and their properties and living things. He was awarded a Grant from Wales which then lead onto working closely with a Scientist - Susanne Phillips - Bsc. (Hons) Msc from 1998 to 2007

The Royal Society of Chemistry asked Gary to provide a lecture in Berkshire and then after he took  the MATERIALS workshops and shows to various locations in the UK.


The British Association: Birmingham Uni 1996, Leeds Uni 1997, Cardiff Uni 1998, Sheffield Hallum 1999, Royal Albert Hall 2000, Glasgow 2001, Exeter Uni 2004, Liverpool Uni 2008.

Derby Scitec 1997 - 2005

Warwick Uni 1998-2000

Aberdeen Techfest 1997-2005

Burton Festival 1998

Kent Science Festival 1999/2000

Science weeks at Pecorama - Devon 2000-2004 & 2012-2014

Croydon Museum 2004

Eureka Science Museum 1999, 2001, 2005-7

Techniquest -Wales 1999/2000

Plymouth Museum 2005/6

Liverpool Museum 2009

North Wyle Research Centre 2007-2009 - Designed and improved the living Things workshops

Paighton Zoo 2008/9

Bradford Science Festival 2011-2013

Tours to Germany 2000 -2016 up to 10 schools per visit providing all topics to English speaking schools

Launch of National Science week - National Assembly - Cardiff Wales 2014

Gibraltar - school 2015

Canary Wharf - science workshops

EBP’s, - Educational Business Partnerships - working all over the UK. Main areas in Devon and Cornwall and All PARTS OF WALES at the peak providing 3 months a year in Wales 10 schools per week

Setpoints, Careers Wales,

Royal Society of Chemistry - Berkshire

Assoc. Of Science Education in Wales

STEM AMBASSADOR =Science/Maths/Engineering & Technology.

Various Libraries

Plus - providing workshops and science shows in Primary Schools all over the UK since 1996


Now A Designer and creator of science kits and toys for schools and home use

One of Gary’s proudest moments came on the 21st. January 1991 when he was presented to H.M. Queen Elizabeth and the Prince Philip at H.M.S. Nelson, Portsmouth.

He has also been honoured to perform in front of H.M. the Sultan of Brunei in London on 31st May 1991.

He has played as support to ‘Meatloaf’ at the Royal Albert Hall, in the presence of H.R.H. Prince of Wales and was introduced to H.R.H. Princess Anne at the Science Museum in London.  

Scott, Gary’s son now travels all over the UK providing workshops in schools and events